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Thermal Insulation Systems and Thermopal Difference by Mintec:
High return on investment is an accepted advantage of thermal insulation systems in terms of energy savings. Enduring facades and the confort it providesalong with the economy it brings have rendered external cladding of buildings very popular. 

Mintec Elastomeric Products

 Elastomeric paints and coatings of Mintec are well recognized by the technical solutions they provide for end users. Holiday resortsa nd hotels especially favour Elastopal Series for its long lasting and maintenance free paint qualities. Especially in Southern Turkey where hotels are working on a all year ound basis, little time can be spares for repairs.
 Elastopal with its high crack bridging ability and long service life brings relief to many hotel owners.

 A very Popular Self Levelling Screed : Flooropal 

 Applicable at even 1 mm thickness, tack free in an hour and foot traffic in 3 hours. These are some of the advantages Flooropal products provide to users. It is not a concidence that many shopping stores,amongst them Carrefoure, Mudo Concept, Marks an Spencer areclients. Also much enjoyed for the modern cementitious industrial flooring look it povides and left uncovered as a final finish if preferred, Flooropal products are a great solution technically and conceptually to modern day architects for interiors. 

  Mintec Thermopal Thermal Insulation System comes with guarantees and application supervision to the advantage of clients. 

 Ski resorts and holiday villages, new constructions to already inhabited buildings for rennovation are applying Thermopal for its recognized technical differences and the quality is has proven to be in the sector.